Restorations (Pinball - Removing Parts - Bottom)

I clip, and label, all of the wires to the solenoids. I then remove boards, lamps, and major assemblies. Inspect these parts as you remove them for any damage. I then remove the wiring harness and set it aside. The only thing left on the playfield should be the pop bumpers and a few odd solenoid assemblies. This really depends on the machine though. Use common sense in deciding what to remove when. That will also help to decide how to best install everything back on your new or refurbished playfield.

A trick that will save you a little time on the pop bumpers is using a drill to ¼ socket adapter. The posts that hold the pop bumpers are too long to get a screwdriver bit on and you will have to use a long barrel socket. Using the socket with a drill speeds things up quite a bit.


pinball bare playfield
Monopoly playfield almost done

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