Restorations (Pinball - Parts Cleaning - Plastic Ramps)
Plastic Ramps

Remove all of the wires, lamps, and any other items attached to the ramp. Clean all of the items very well and set them aside. Clean the ramp very well with hot soapy water. Once the ramp is clean you will need to flame polish it. The best way to do this is with a butane hand held torch. Use the small one that fits in your hand not one you would use to solder copper plumbing (unless you feel lucky.) The idea is to re-flow just the surface of the plastic to remove any scratches or lines. Before you try this on a Guns and Roses “G” ramp, practice with a cheap or broken ramp first. Apply medium heat at a distance of about 3 or 4 inches. You will notice that the area you are working on gets cloudy and then very clear right away. This is what you want to see. I find it best to hold the ramp up so I can get just the right amount of light. If you start seeing a portion of the ramp sag or bubbles form, you are getting that area too hot. Again, don’t stay in one place too long. This takes patience but can make a nasty ramp look new again if done correctly.


flame polished ramp
A finished Monopoly Ramp

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