Restorations (Pinball - Removing Parts - Topside)
I suggest using a good cordless drill. A cordless drill will save lots of time. I purchased a Black and Decker screwdriver and bit set that has just about everything you will ever need to tear down a pinball machine. As you remove the parts quickly inspect them for any damage or wear. I do this with all of the parts and keep a running list of things I will need to buy. Throw all of the #6 screws in a tub, I keep them until the end of the project but usually throw them away (more on this later.) I separate all posts into a single container that I end up throwing in my media cleaner after teardown.


monopoly pinball picture
Monopoly teardown starts

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Removing Head Connectors
Removing Playfield
Removing Parts (Top)
Removing Parts (Bottom)
Mid Project
Cleaning Parts - Wiring Harness
Cleaning Parts - Coils
Cleaning Parts - Assemblies
Cleaning Parts - Re-graining
Cleaning Parts - Circuit Boards
Cleaning Parts - Ramps
Play Testing