Restorations (Pinball - Parts Cleaning - Re-graining Guides)
Re-graining Guides

This used to be the biggest pain in my butt until I found a wonderful tool. 3M makes a drum out of alternating layers of Scotch Brite pads and Sandpaper that makes the job easy. I use two different types, a medium for really rough areas, and a fine one for final finishing. The drum is meant to be mounted in a drill and I use a 15k RPM corded drill. I use the drill at high-speed and run with the grain. You will notice an immediate difference. If you have an area with deep tracks or damage use the medium drum first then finish with the fine drum. There are some ramps and assemblies you can’t use these on purely due to size. Buy a few sheets of 600 grit sandpaper and regular Scotch Brite pads and use some elbow grease.

I strongly urge you to wear a respirator while doing this. The drums kick out a lot of dust that is probably comprised of a lot of things you don’t want in your lungs.


pinball metal guide before re-graining
Monopoly guide before re-graining

pinball metal guide after re-graining

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